So many things were invented in the 1940s that most people could not live without today. Things like the color TV and the microwave oven. The 1940s had it all.

Duct Tape

Duct tape wasn't originally meant for it's many uses. It began as a water-resistant tape meant for sealing ammunition cases in WW 2. It soon began to be uses to fix just about anything. It got it's name from it material cotton duck which was used in the army. It also got it's name for fixing ducts but is now prohibited because it can become weak and fall off.


The jeep was originally built for the military as a military tactical vehicle for the army. The first one of its kind was made by Willys-Overland. Since Willys-Overland was a small company the jeeps were made in a collaboration of Willys-Overland and Ford.


Some other inventions are

-Color TV
-Blood Bank
-Turing Machine
-Electronic Digital Computer
-Nuclear Recreation
-Silly Putty-1943
-Mark 1 Computer
-Atomic Bomb
-Disposable Diapers
-Kitty Litter
-Instant Photography
-Chemical Demulsifiers